About CoDi


Comfort Igbo —CoDi is a phenomenal Nigerian gospel singer-songwriter. A music minister in the Believers Love World Nation, AKA Christ Embassy.

She’s not only a ‘stewardly’ committed music genius, she’s been a successful and influential personality in her cooperate career – the ‘Pharma’ industry.

CoDi did not just start her music career in the “I-have-a-talent” kind of way. No. She received a global mandate at the tender age of eleven: to minister the Word of God through music, to every living creature. This led to a spiritual urge to join her church choir in the Assemblies of God Church, Mokola, Ibadan. There the great journey started.

She believes that life is about being a force for good, for salvation and being a Powerhouse for impartation. And she’d been doing just that; spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. She lives by example by being a catalyst for transformation in others, and establishing hope in the hopeless.

Her music transcends the traditional boundaries of ‘dance-and-be-happy’. Her songs literally and literarily demonstrate the character of the Holy Ghost, by proclaiming the Divinity of God in humanity and setting the captives free.

She’s known for sacred tunes and inspiring messages that hand people a soulful resonance with the Holy Spirit. Knowing the missing secret in Christian music and how to fill the void, she’s setting the pace for the undiluted Word of God to penetrate the hearts of men, through music ministrations and songs that shine a clean light on the dark corners of human spirituality.

When you’re ready to take your concerts and events to a mega level; to experience the awesome encounter the whole world crave, simply reach CoDi online here.